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The game called Lotto was first invented in the 16th century and got also the name lottery. This game is the base of the Bingo game is we know it today. It was invented in Italy, and in the 19th century it was emigrated to Europe. In Europe many versions of Lotto were invented. At the time, a lot of versions of lotto were invented, such as “history lotto”, “spelling lotto”, “animals lotto” and many other games that was used for fun and for learning. In one of Decembers nights of 1929, A very tired toy-seller named Advin S. Leo arrived to a town named Jacksonville. On his way, he went into a wandering festival. While walking through the festivals stands, he saw that all of them are closed – but one, that attracted all people to gather around. Advin went to the front of the stand to see what gets people so exited. Then he saw the game that they are playing – Each one of the players were holding a simple paper with shuffled numbers on it, and the herald was taking little cards with numbers on them from an old box of cigars and yelled them to the crowed.

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